Fourth Generation Warfare

ATS Statement on the Motorcycle Club Incident in Waco

By Vince Rinehart

“There’s a number of off base memes and ideas floating on the left regarding this incident.

– Claims have been made that this was a shootout between “Skin Head Gangs.” A look at the mug shots of those arrested show whites, Hispanics, blacks and perhaps an Asian or two. Claiming the groups involved are skin heads is a deliberate misrepresentation.
– Comparisons have been made between the way the cops handled the Twin Peaks shooting vs. protests in Ferguson and Baltimore; that the predominately white Motorcycle Clubs involved were treated fairly. This is often based off pictures of MC members sitting around *in detainment* alongside police who are apparently guarding them. Also, lets remember that cops SHOT AND KILLED MC members at the Twin Peaks shooting.

These misrepresentations are just another attempt on the left to divide and conquer the US by pushing us into the Blue Tribe on the left or the Red Tribe on the right. Both tribes support the system. Attack The System believes that the future struggle will not be Blue vs. Red; it will be those who are for the system vs. those who are against it. To do this we propose developing a third political tribe: the Grey Tribe, made up of dissidents, outcasts and left-behinds from both the left, the right and from communities that defy categorization or reject the system; perhaps including 1%er Motorcycle Clubs.”

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