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Republican Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: I know what my political party wants—They want war

The Daily Kos

Republican Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson appeared on The Ed Show where he spoke about President Obama’s unprecedented agreement with Iran. Wilkerson, unlike most Republicans and quite a number of Democrats, was able to see what the agreement if fulfilled would mean.

“Ed I don’t normally codify or describe anything as historic,” Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson said. “But this is in the category with Kissinger and Nixon opening China, with Camp David under Carter, with the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt and so forth, George Bush’s reunification of Germany and retention in NATO. We have a deal here that if it’s consummated in the complexity that it will need to be by the end of June, if it’s consummated this is a deal that has win win written all over it.”

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson then went on to enumerate all the strong compliance features found in the agreement. Wilkerson had a prescient statement when asked what would happen if the deal unraveled.

“I think it is going to be a much more dangerous region for sure,” Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson said. “I am not one to go immediately to war. I would go to some sort of containment policy. And try to do something about it through that policy rather than going to war. But I know what my political party wants. My political party, at least some of them—the 47 for example who signed the letter to the Ayatollah—they want war.”

We must listen to this man and understand what he is saying. He is willing to stand up as a moral and pragmatic Republican as he bucks his party.

Many are attempting to torpedo the agreement. They are getting their cues from the military industrial complex, right-wing warmongering foreign leaders like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and our own right-wing neocons. We do not want nor can we afford another war.

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