Political Correctness/Totalitarian Humanism

Why Totalitarian Humanism is Dangerous

The problem is that so-called “progressives’ nowadays don’t really seem to value any political ideas other than supposed “equality” for the officially oppressed. Virtually any other kind of rights or liberties they view as irrelevant or insignificant if they get in the way of “equality.”

In the name of “social justice” they’re fine with doing away with freedom of speech, religion, association, privacy, property, economic freedom, and, increasingly, even things like innocent until proven guilty or due process of law. Nor do they believe in “legal equality” in the sense of legal neutrality irrespective of categorical differences. What they believe is that the historically/traditionally/socially/whatever disadvantaged need extra rights as compensation for past disadvantaged. Further, they believe competing centers of power need to be eliminated in order to bring everything in line with progressive ideology.

For instance, the family is just a bastion of patriarchy and child abuse in their view, so the family has to be subordinated to CPS and parents get arrested for letting children play outside. Religion is just about patriarchal homophobic brainwashing, so out the door goes religious liberty. Local government is just about separate water fountains for black folks, so ever more centralized government is necessary for the sake of equality. Innocent until proven guilty is just about coddling rapists, so we don’t need that either. Free speech is just about vilifying minorities, so down with that. Freedom of association is just an excuse for racism, so away with it.

The implication of this taken to its logical conclusion is a kind of inverted caste system where individual rights are assigned on the basis of group identity, and group rights are assigned on the basis of how historically oppressed the group was alleged to be. And, or course, the self-appointed leaders and spokespeople for the “oppressed” are going to be the ones running the show.

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