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HEROIC: Pat Buchanan Tramples Sean Hannity on Iran Nuclear Deal

The reactionary tears the neocon mouthpiece a new one.

By Nick Hankoff

Voices of Liberty

April 2, 2015—Cable news got good yesterday. That’s what happens when Pat Buchanan is allowed on.

The author and commentator was invited on Fox News Channel’s Hannity, apparently to be goaded and lambasted by Sean Hannity. But Hannity didn’t have it in him to make that happen.

The topic for the segment was the Iran nuclear talks. That all but guaranteed Hannity’s default neoconservative arrogance would stand no chance against Buchanan’s no-nonsense manner. The rapid-fire exchange consistently flattened Hannity’s talking points. Buchanan seemed to be only getting started by the end of the six-minute debate.

The interesting thing is Hannity presents the issue as if all good conservatives already agree with him opposing the Iran nuclear talks. But according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll, 47% of Republicans support a nuclear deal with Iran, while 43% oppose one.

For Hannity, negotiations with Iran are tantamount to sitting down with Hitler. But when Buchanan more aptly points out how the Cold War was won, Hannity dismisses the value of learning from history.

Hannity wants us to believe he understands “the nature” of Iran. Buchanan straightens him out (as you can a rubber band), outlining why Iran shouldn’t frighten us:

“Sean, in Syria, in Iraq, Okay? The Iranians and their allies Hezbollah, the Shiite militia who are a dreadful bunch, Assad are fighting ISIS. They are fighting al Qaeda. The Houthi rebels in Yemen are fighting ISIS and al Qaeda. Who are they killing, Sean? They are killing our enemies!”

Hannity couldn’t let him finish, interrupting, “And how ironic that we’re serving as their air force in those instances in large part because…OK, and we’re also fighting against them in Yemen with the Saudis, so explain that logic to me. How is that a comprehendible foreign policy?”

The Hannity doth protest too much, methinks. Good job making Buchanan’s point for him there.

The whole video is a highlight. But here are some important takeaway Buchanan quotes:

“Sean, the reason Iran is, if there’s going to be a power in the Gulf, is because your president, George W. Bush, invaded Iraq and turned it into an ally of Iran.”

“The reason we’re in this position is because Saddam Hussein, a thug, was overthrown. His state was destroyed. His army was broken up. Elections were held by Bush, democracy crusade, and the Shia won and we lost Iraq.”

Do you think a nuclear deal with Iran is a good idea? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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