Greening Out Interview #21 – Brett Veinotte on History in Academia and Movies

Caity and Dan welcome Brett Veinotte from the School Sucks Project to the show or a very fun and interesting conversation about history in academia, public school and movie.


We begin by talking about historical research and the great man theory and the problems with it, we also discuss the trends and forces theory, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, World War Two and how it is taught in schools, historical context, Adam Curtis and his great three-part documentary “The Power of Nightmares” and his new film “Bitter Lake”, US and UK support for Saudi Arabia, Norwegian black metal and what we’re ‘allowed’ to know about history.

We go on to talk about George Orwell and how history is taught in public schools, Emma Goldman and how she features very little in feminist literature, why Braveheart and the Patriot are wildly inaccurate. We talk about history in movies in general and if there is a certain narrative being pushed by the filmmakers intentionally or if they simply sacrifice fact for a more interesting story.

We speculate about how history may be examined in the future given the technological age that we are living in and how, despite more sources than ever could still be misunderstood. Brett begins to wrap up by talking about how it is getting easier (and cheaper) to make movies, the horror the YouTube comments section and we reveal the surprising number one most historically inaccurate film of all time.

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