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Sean Gabb – Homophobic Bigot!

Libertarian Alliance

By Sean Gabb

I did a quick discussion this morning on LBC Radio. The subject was whether smoking should be banned in open places. I pointed out that, bearing in mind how one of the open places in questions was beside a roundabout and car park, the suggestion had more to do with attacking smokers than the most extreme stretching of the harm-to-others principle. The health fascist then went into a self-righteous lecture about the alleged cost smokers place on the NHS. I gave my standard response to this – that, arguing on this principle, though not on mine, we should recriminalise gay sex.

All hell broke loose. The presenter stopped the discussion for a long PC rant about bigotry. He sounded scared.

I’m currently being bombed with hate mail from people who claim to have been made “physically sick” by what I said. Several tell me that I’ve been reported to the police for a homophobic hate crime.

I have other things on my mind this week. But, if the police come knocking, I will respond with the same flinty resolve as the Rev Alan Clifford when a similar attempt was made to do him over. If necessary, I suppose I shall have to insist on going to trial. I suspect they won’t come knocking – though you really can’t tell any more in this madhouse of a country.

For the avoidance of doubt, however, here is a select list of my writings on homosexuality. Some of them go back to the 1980s. I also have several handwritten essays from when I was a schoolboy that I can’t be bothered to scan or type. It would be funny if, without any change of opinion, I shall have spent my youth being called a closet homosexual and what I hope are my middle years being smeared as an anti-homosexual!

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