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Strange And Hateful Bedfellows: How Neo-Nazis And Social Justice Warriors Feed Off Of Each Other

By Joshua Goldberg

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Perhaps the most fundamental difference between the political right and the political left is that right-wingers hate other cultures, while left-wingers hate their own culture. Right-wing politics is all about hatred for others; left-wing politics is all about self-hatred. Since both are, at the end of the day, all about hate and fear, they have a lot more similarities than differences. And, since both tend to focus heavily on identity politics nowadays, both are very prone to self-cannibalization and infighting.

Being called a hard worker by a Hispanic means a million times more to me than some worthless white guy saying it. #killwhitey

— Hank Gamble (@hankgamble) September 23, 2014

As left-wing and right-wing politics grow more extreme – on both sides – the differences between them grow even more minimal. I’ve long stated that there is almost no difference between the far-left and the far-right. If anything, the ideology of “social justice” is very similar to the ideology of Nazism. Yes, I am quite blatantly invoking Godwin’s law here – and yes, I am well aware that Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) have never killed 12 million people or started any wars (although I’m sure they would love to if given the chance) – but bear with me on this. Nazis and SJWs both have a designated “oppressor group” that controls and dominates everything. For Nazis, it was the Jews; for SJWs, it’s whites/males/”cishets”/patriarchy. Both have an “oppressed group” that suffers horribly at the hands of this designated “oppressor group” or “privileged group”. For Nazis, it was white Europeans; for SJWs, it’s women, “People of Color” (“PoC”), gays, transsexuals, and other designated victim groups. Both subsist on feelings of hatred, inadequacy, fear, and a desire to be superior. Both have extreme paranoid persecution complexes and are eager to find (and invent) conspiracies everywhere. And, most of all, both firmly believe that all dissent and questioning of their ideologies must be immediately quashed with an iron fist.




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