No, It’s Not

The F-word is on the rise. 
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Fascism is an ideology of statism, imperialism, militarism, totalitarianism, and the cult of leadership. The Wikipedia entry on fascism is actually pretty accurate. Fascism is the polar opposite of anarchism, antithetical to everything ATS is about, and something to be guarded against. That said, the vulgar Marxist interpretation of fascism as “capitalism in decay” is ahistorical. There is no inherent relationship between capitalism and fascism. Fascist regimes may certainly use capitalism when it is convenient, but the ideology of fascism is a revolutionary anti-bourgeois outlook that reinterprets the Marxist concept of class struggle in terms of conflict between poor and rich nations, or between nations and international forces (such as transnational capitalism, international banking cartels, or, in the most vulgar forms, various “secret societies” or “the Jewish conspiracy”).

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  1. Yeah Mussolini was former marxist. According to Stanley G Payne Fascism actually derives from revolutionary syndicalism. So yeah thanks Chomsky for Mussolini.

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