A Deeply Unpopular Commander In Chief Is Forcing Profound Change Inside The Ranks

Ultimately, the victory of the resistance necessitates the dissolution of the present imperialist regime’s military and police forces. Towards this end, the growth of dissension, conflict, and low morale within the ranks of both is in the best interests of the resistance. The present conflict between Mayor Di Blasio and the NYPD, and between the rank and file NYPD and Chief Bratton, is to be welcome. Likewise, the present conflicts between the military and the Obama administration, between the rank and file of the military and the top brass, and between different demographic sectors within the rank and file is also to be welcome.

It is in the best interests of the resistance that all of the armed forces and law enforcement agencies impose the most liberal, progressive, left-wing, or totalitarian humanist policies on their own organizations as possible. The rank and file of the military and police are predictably drawn disproportionately from the most conservative demographic sectors in the wider society. The imposition of ever more liberal policies will naturally alienate this sector and undermine their loyalty both to their own services and to the state as a whole. This will in turn increase the amount of tension between the political class and the military or enforcer classes. It will likewise increase the division between the rank and file and the top leadership, and the division between different sectors of the rank and file.
Therefore, it is best that the military and police impose the most far out left wing policies, and accept with greatest variety of diversity within their ranks. It is in the interests of the resistance that racist rednecks, ghetto blacks, Hispanic immigrants, homosexuals, transexuals, feminists, Christian evangelicals, Islamic fundamentalists, citizens of foreign nations, criminals, and gang members all share the same barracks and serve in the same units. A lack of cohesion equals eventual dissolution.
This does not mean that a post-revolutionary system will not need some system of crime control. I’ve written about that here and here. A post-revolutionary system will also need some kind of “national defense.” I’ve covered that on a very limited level here. When imperialism is overthrown, and we have an Articles of Confederation type of government, or regional federations of city-states, or a confederacy of anarchist communes, or an Icelandic-model commonwealth, or an alliance of ethnostates, or some combination of these, we will need some means of repelling a possible invasion from elsewhere. The model of a non-state national defense force provided by Hezbollah, the Spanish anarchist militias, the FARC, the People’s War Group and other fourth generation forces are one source to draw on. So are the military forces of non-imperialist nations such as Switzerland and Sweden (both of which have an excellent military.) But first things first.

By Stephen Losey, Military Times

In his first term, President Obama oversaw repeal of the controversial “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

Then he broke with one of the military’s most deeply rooted traditions and vowed to lift the ban on women serving in combat.

And the commander in chief has aggressively sought to change military culture by cracking down on sexual assault and sexual harassment, problems that for years were underreported or overlooked.


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