Robert Stark interviews Luke Ford on Nationalism

Robert Stark interviews Luke Ford on Nationalism

Luke Ford Cult Leader


Luke’s thoughts on the Tom Sunic event at the JEM Center including both Jews and White Nationalist

Why Jews and White Nationalist are hostile towards each other and how it’s awkward for Luke to have ties to both groups

How every major Jewish Organization supports Immigration Amnesty

Blood and Politics: The History of the White Nationalist Movement from the Margins to the Mainstream by Leonard Zeskind

What Would A White Nationalist Takeover Look Like In The US?

Is A White Nationalist Takeover Inevitable?

How Luke’s independent employment as an Alexander Technique Specialist enables him to exercise his controversial  views

Why Does American Choose Sides In The Middle East?

Why Luke Rarely Thinks About Palestinian Suffering

German Nationalist Marches Grow

Why every groups has a right to pursue it’s own ethnic self interest

Emotional Addictions

The importance of being part of a group and feeling a sense of belonging

How homogeneous areas have higher levels of social trust

How White Nationalism attracts people who have failed at life and are looking for a sense of importance and belonging

Luke’s thought’s on Charles Lincoln’s talk about life in Beverly Hills

Are Jews White?

Luke Wants His Own Media Company

The theme of contradiction and conflict in Luke’s life and blogging

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