The Political Theory of Anarchism

April Carter’s classic 1971 work is now available online. See here.

The Political Theory of Anarchism

April Carter

Formerly lecturer in Politics,
Lancaster University1971


Acknowledgments vii
Introduction 1

1 The Political Theory of Anarchism 13
The Leviathan
The Social Contract
Hobbes and Godwin
Primacy of the Individual
Law and Government
Society and the Individual
2 Anarchism and the State 28
State and Government
The Evolution of the State
The Law
Authority and Government
Modern Society
War and the State
Constitutionalist Theory and Anarchism
3 Anarchism and Society 60
The Paris Commune
Federalism and Nationalism
The City versus the Country
Democracy and Egalitarianism
 Class Rule and Elites
 Social Administration without Government
 The Administration of Justice
Utopian Thinking and Historical Progress
The Meaning of Politics
4 Anarchism and the Individual 89
The Egoist
The Artist
The Moralist
The Hero
The Coward
The Pohtical Realm
The Citizen

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