Robert Stark interviews Paul Gottfried on Dugin & Neoconservatives

Robert Stark interviews Paul Gottfried on Dugin & Neoconservatives

















Paul Gottfried recently retired as Professor of Humanities at Elizabethtown College, PA. He is the author of After Liberalism, Multiculturalism and the Politics of Guilt and The Strange Death of Marxism His most recent book is Leo Strauss and the Conservative Movement in America.

Topics include:

Alexander Dugin and Martin Heidegger

The definition of Liberalism

The Eurasian school of thought

National Review’s Hit Piece on Dugin

How Neoconservatives attack their enemies such as Dugin as Fascist or Nazis

How Neoconservatives are a faction of the left

The Neoconservative View toward Russia

The Cold War and whether it was a mistake

The conflict with Russia in the Ukraine

Why Paleoconservatives tend to dislike Israel

Paul Gottfried’s upcoming book Fascism: The Career of a Concept

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  1. An interesting interview, but really paleoconservatives, shouldn’t you do the reading before you go fellow traveling with someone who calls America the Antichrist? (What are you, liberals or something?) And the assertion made by Gottfried that cultural Marxism is more radical than Stalinism is embarrassing. This senile anti-communism needs to stop. It is as intellectually vacant as leftards calling you Fascists.

    (The system that erected totalitarian police states over two thirds of the earth, that built a Utopia of gulag archipelagos and death camps, “became much more radical” when a bunch of spoiled upper class children on dope took to pretending to read Marx and advocated for feminism and gay rights? Are YOU on drugs? Sure they ended up wiping the floor with your conservatives, but no one got taken away to a camp. You lost your culture war to a bunch of filthy hippies is all.)

    Dugin’s full position on communism is very complex. He likes the nationalism, the militarism, the socialism, and the Bolshevik revolutionary methods, but not the totalitarianism. He is a deep student of Marx, and even more of Lenin, but utterly rejects Communism as an ideology, as he rejects the rest of the post enlightenment political projects.

    Dugin was an anticommunist dissident during the cold war. He was part of the dissident circles of artists and scholars that tended towards occultism and traditionalism. He was arrested by the KGB at one point for having illegal books and thrown out of school. When he came west after perestroika, he found the west even more repulsive than Communism (as did Eduard Limonov), and when he returned he Joined the inchoate opposition against westernization and neo-liberalism that included as schizophrenics, KGB collaborators, and hysterics, along with Communists, Nationalists, and a rock star who thinks Lenin is a mushroom. He has long since developed his own movement and is now a Radical Centrist.

    The parts of the western left that have actually influenced Dugin’s philosophy are the surrealist and situationist milieus (particularly Guy Debord), the Deleuze & Guattari faction of post-modernism, as well as the existentialists, and all the leftist “madmen of history” and “madmen of literature”. He also has been deeply influenced by the “cultural Marxism” of Gramsci and the great cultural and structural anthropologists. His anthropological approach reflects this.

    When Dugin talks of liberalism, he means the entire western tradition. You libertarians are radical liberals in this sense and he condemns Ayn Rand in no uncertain terms. Dugin is against the entire historical tradition that considered the individual as the historical subject. He recognizes post-modernity as the failure of liberalism and the end of it.

    Here is what Dugin thinks of paleoconservatives:

    We can consider it as right side of the modern West. Or better “paleoconservative” side of the Modern West. Historically they are losers in all senses. They have lost (as P.Buchanan shows) the battle for the USA, including for the Republican party where the main positions were taken by neoconservatives with clearly globalist and imperialist vision. They are losers in front of the globalist elite controlling now both political parties in USA. They are living in the past that immediately precedes the actual (Post-Modern and globalist) moment. But at the same time they don’t have the inner strength to stand up to the Conservative Revolution – Evolian or wider European style. The yesterday of the West prepared the today of the West as global West. The yesterday Western values (including the Western Christianity) prepared the today hypermodern values. You can deplore this last step, but the precedent step in the same direction can not be regarded as serious alternative…

    My opinion: American paleoconservatives, traditional American right are doomed. Their discourse is incoherent, weak and too idiosyncratic…

    If some honest and brave people among North Americans want to fight the globalist elite as the last stage of the Western history, as the end of the history, please join our Eurasian troops. Our struggle is in some sense universal as universal is the globalist challenge. We have different traditions but defending them we confront the common enemy of any tradition. So we will explore where lie our respective zones of influence in the multipolar world only after our common victory over the Beast, american-atlantist-liberal-globalist-capitalist-Post-Modern Beast.”


    And as far as his Dugin’s Eurasianist concept having “come and gone”: look to the bright Chaos symbol rising in Ukraine, to the armed vanguards of the Eurasianist youth movement in the resistance. The Knights Templar of the Proletariat are being forged in fire and blood. Dugin isn’t kidding around. He has heavy GRU backing and friends in the Kremlin. The trap has been sprung, and it is NATO, not Russia, that will be destroyed in Ukraine. What kind of fools send Victoria Nuland into the lair of the wolf? Fools who will lose.

    The blind flutist AZATHOTH leads the Knight Templars of the Proletariat to completely destroy the global mondialist empire of the liberal Atlanticists. That would be you, American libertards and conservatives, last time I checked. Did you miss the part about white liberal racism being the source of the worst aspects of modernity and the main enemy? Who did you think he was talking about?

    “Sooner or later the endless spectacle is over. Then we will take revenge. Mercilessly.”

    +Alexander Dugin, Guy Debord’s dead.

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