Introducing Hardcore Talk with Robert Stark and Paul Bingham on AM Radio!

Hard Core Talk is a new kind of old-school radio show, which combines the genteel approach of old-time radio, with a youthful vitality and New Right metapo




Ever notice how many great and talented artists in every genre of cultural end up struggling for recognition if their work,  no matter how brilliant it may be, reflects views outside the mainstream?

Ever wanted to help the hardworking musicians, poets, writers, designers and other artists trying to achieve fame and gain enough money to fund their projects?
Do you know of a struggling artist seeking to promote their works and want to help them but lack the resources?

Now, you can be apart of the solution, by donating to American Hardcore Talk, the underground alternative to National Public Radio.

Help us build the network to give marginalized artists and writers a platform, for interviews, interaction and promotion.

American Hardcore Talk is a listener-supported program which will exist to make your voice heard.
For everyone donation you make, we  will do an hour interview  with you or the artist of your choice.

Donate today and help us restore American culture.



Show airs Saturday at 12 am on 1680 Am in Fresno, Ca.

Listen online:




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