Election Day Reflection

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I’m not big on voting, but if I had my pick I suppose I’d prefer gridlocked government where one party has the presidency and the other party has the Congress. Same at the state level: one party controlling the governorship and the other controlling the legislature, and a healthy balance of red-controlled states and blue-controlled states. This keeps the politicians at each others throats so none of them can really move boldly ahead with whatever agendas they may have.

To the degree that U.S. elections are anything other than coronation ceremonies, they represent rivalries between different factions of the ruling class, with billionaires on both sides funding their respective parties. To a large degree it’s a contest between the traditional old monied WASP elites and the traditional plutocracy versus newer money concentrated in high tech industries (e.g. Silicon Valley, Microsoft, the entertainment industry and mass media). But the international banking cartels are still pulling the strings of both parties as is the military industrial complex. Of course, there’s also the social issues that mostly represent contending factions within the middle class, e.g. urban cosmopolitan professionals versus Main Street and Peoria.

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