If You Vote, Then Vote Third Party

Given that elections are coming up soon, I would suggest either one of two possible approaches for anarchists, libertarians, decentralists, secessionists, or dissidents and enemies of the system generally. One of these is to simply not vote at all. Boycotting a corrupt system has the effect of de-legitimizing it. The other alternative is to vote for whatever third parties that might be in the mix.

Here is a very comprehensive overview of minor parties in the US.

Ultimately, we should push for an alliance of minor parties for the sake of opening the political system to greater competition, and cultivating minor parties as political vehicles for developing a more seriously radical movement. Preferably, minor parties would agree to stay out of each others’ backyards, and instead focus on building constituencies in regions and localities, and among population groups, where their respective philosophies are likely to find an audience. The leftist and ethnic minority oriented parties should focus on organizing in the Blue zones (mostly the larger cities, majority-minority communities, and liberal enclaves), and rightist and conservative oriented parties should focus on organizing in the Red zones (mostly suburbs, small towns, and rural areas).

An alliance of third parties could subsequently become the foundation for a larger pan-radical alliance for the sake of engaging in pan-secessionist action against the common enemy.

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