The Fight is a Global Fight

Some observations from “Ian B.” at the Libertarian Alliance blog.


My major problem Keith is that I don’t think any form of separatism or communitarianism is going to work. The problem with any proposed alternative to the [current dispensation] is actually getting the chance to implement it. And since the managerial state exists, it is not going to allow any communities with significantly different values to exist. Its whole basis is evangelical; it is a missionary state (one day I will write a book about the State and call it The Missionary Imposition. lol). It actively seeks out any dissent, stifles any counterculture, and actively spreads itself to foreign lands as well. The Proggies learned a long while ago that what brings down Berlin Walls (or alcohol prohibition) is when the citizens under a tyranny can look beyond their State’s walls and see other people living without that imposition. So, their number one priority is preventing alternatives existing. (This is why, for instance, recently they coordinated smoking bans to descend in as many countries as possible simultaneously).

So my problem is, how do you get to a stage where these people are going to let you set up a community that significantly diverges from PC? They won’t allow it. They will destroy it. They aren’t going to allow any move towards anarchism, or communities. It’s a chicken and egg; if we are ever in a position where such a thing can be done, we will have already won and won’t need to do it.

It’s like the Anarcho Capitalists, endlessly onanistically polishing their models of the terrifying hyper-legalist utopia without any hope whatsoever of ever implementing it.

Which is why I am simply interested in destroying the Proggies, at the national and international level. Broadly speaking, in fighting a war (either with guns, or culture) you can define it as what you are fighting for, or what you are fighting against. You can say you are fighting for the freedom of Britain, or against the Nazis. I define the current kulturkampf in the negative; I am more interested in fighting against the Proggies, than for liberty, because the thing that is preventing liberty is they, and if they are beaten then liberty is in with a chance. In some form. it won’t be any idealised form. It will be some rough, compromised state which has more liberty than we have now. That will do.

I actually am an optimist; I believe that they can be beaten. I think it could have been done a long time ago, and a tragic golden opportunity was missed in the 1970s. They have in my view not been beaten previously because nobody has correctly recognised who the enemy are and what the enemy are. Which is why I spend most of my time here talking about who they are and what they are. Although I probably need something snappier and less likely to offend than “degenerate bourgeois protestantism colonised by Jewish Marxists”.

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  1. Thanks for posting this Keith. Without its thread context, I will add that in this by “proggies” this is my term for the general current statist hegemony in the Anglosphere, a fairly obvious contraction of “Progressives”. There isn’t currently a really consistent term for them as a cohort- I quite like your “totalitarian humanists” but like “progressives”, “cultural marxists” or “technocratic managerialists” it doesn’t seem to be quite comprehensive enough. All the terms seem to describe elements of the value system of the ruling coalition, but there isn’t a satisfying term that covers them adequately and comprehensively. We need one.

  2. Just call ’em “Progs”. Drop the cutsie “-ies” ending as it suggests that they are nice and cuddly creatures on the inside. They aren’t. They’re the fucking enemy. They’re Charlie. They’re scum. They’re to be dealt with as one deals with a common street thug.

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