Crypto Convos Weekend Edition with Mike Kimberl of Sean’s Outpost

I do a weekly show titled Crypto Convos where I interview various members of the bitcoin counter-economy and every now and then I’ll do a weekend edition. Mike Kimberl is a good friend and homeless rights activist who works alongside Food Not Bombs and the bitcoin-fueled homeless outreach Sean’s Outpost. He works tirelessly feeding hundreds of people a week and managing Satoshi Forest, a nine acre homeless campground, which is facing a battle with Escambia County over the right to allow homeless people to reside on private property.

I have interviewed Mike a few times before, and this interview takes a somber look into the problem of homelessness. We also explore how bitcoin can help the most unfortunate and the success Sean’s Outpost has had with bitcoin donations and helping people get off the streets.

Here’s the full interview:

You can also gain more insight into the background of our discussion by checking out my Youtube channel:


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