Women in Bitcoin Panel at Porcfest XI 2014

I was recently on a Women in Bitcoin panel at Porcupine Freedom Festival, an anarchist/libertarian themed festival sponsored by the Free State Project. Stephanie Murphy of Let’s Talk Bitcoin moderated and the panel featured Paige Peterson of MaidSafe, musician Tatiana Moroz, myself representing Bitcoin Not Bombs, and Lyn Ulbricht the mother of Ross Ulbricht (suspected to be the Dread Pirate Roberts) who is currently facing charges related to the dark web site Silk Road.

These women are inspiring and involved in multiple projects and I was happy to be a part of this panel. We discussed bitcoin conferences, our experiences in the space, the projects we are working on, and Ross Ulbricht’s complex battle with overzealous agents of the state. Featured at the end is a QR code you can use to donate to his defense fund which is desperately needed as new charges have been added and his case is one that can set a very troubling legal precedent.

Watch our discussion in the video below.

I also run a weekly interview show called Crypto Convos of which I will be posting videos of more frequently.

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