“Taking the game away from the left”

I’m sure we’ll get honorable mention at this conference.

Nobody is taking the game away from the Left. Instead, the Left is giving the game away. The Left is now the center, and unfortunately some anarchists have failed to adapt to the 21st century. The would prefer to be dragged along by the reactionary Left. As Murray Rothbard pointed out, anarchism and libertarianism are historically to the left of socialism and Marxism. Some anarchists continue to function as an appendage of Marxism, and others among us are breaking new ground and sailing into uncharted territory.

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On September 13th The TORCH antifascist network is holding their first annual conference in Chicago via south side Chicago ARA. This conference has 2 parts; a private portion for those within the TORCH network and a public portion open to all antifascists. The public day is going to be on September 13th and will consist of workshops/speakers followed by an antifascist show. We are inviting any and all antifascists to come out and network, see speakers, see bands, and grab literature. There will be also be tons of free antifascist merchandise (shirts, CD’s etc.) for those who come out. This will be a benefit for antifascist prisoners. Below is a detailed schedule with all the necessary info for our public day.

5pm – speakers/workshops- This portion of our public day will be donation based. No one turned away.

Speakers and their workshop descriptions:

*Matthew N Lyons
from the Three way fight blog

“Taking the game away from the left”

One of fascism’s most dangerous features is its ability to present itself as radical or even revolutionary. From Third Position anti-capitalism to Nazi ecology, from National-Anarchism to the slogan “Women’s Power as well as White Power,” far rightists have embraced many leftist ideas in distorted form. What are some leading examples of this dynamic today and where do they come from? To what extent is this empty posturing, and to what extent does it reflect real conflict between fascism and the established order? What kind of challenges does it pose for antifascist work?


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  1. This is the group that’s sponsoring this:


    These people are full-blown Communists. Notice that there’s nothing in their position statement about opposing the state, upholding civil liberties, any kind of economic model except a “classless society” that is “centered on the working class,” or even opposing aggressive, imperialist war. It’s just all this hyper-egalitarian stuff.

    While the antifa are a fringe group, their ideology is a more crudely stated version of the present ideological superstructure of the left-wing of the ruling class. And I believe it is the long term ambition of many of these kinds of people to simply criminalize all thought or expression they deem un-progressive or “reactionary.” Check out Articles 53-55 of the old communist Albanian constitution of 1976 for an idea of how this would work: http://bjoerna.dk/dokumentation/Albanian-Constitution-1976.htm

    I have long believed that the principle error of the classical anarchists was their not taking a more aggressively anti-Communist stance, which to a great degree led to the incidents in places like Kronstadt and Barcelona. The 21st century anarchist movement should identify and attack the reactionary Left as our most primary and immediate enemy as it is the principle obstacle to the development of a more authentically revolutionary force that is capable of attacking the state.

    • My take is that they are against traditionalist societies, against tribalism, against localism, against self determination for all peoples, against freedom of association and are for some vague concept of a “classless society” that they are unable to define or have a strategy for developing. They’re a bunch of left-wing, white, commie opportunists who sell themselves as anti-racists to oppressed people with no actual intent of dismantling the domestic police state or global empire. They believe in some weird utopia and their best shot at achieving it is either by backing the US Government so they can force their moral values on everyone from above, or by expanding their anti-racist network so they can use threats of violence to bully anyone they identify as “fascist” into silence. Fuck these people.

  2. It looks like a re-branding or a split off of antiracistactionorg. The “points of unity” are almost exactly the same.

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