The System is the Enemy. Period.

Good words from Navid Nasr:

“I see that a lot of people, a lot of activists are upset with the oh-so “progressive” Elizabeth Warren due to the fact that she finally said something about Palestine and Palestinians and that something turned out to be a reiteration of AIPAC talking points. They want to “hold her feet to the fire” or something so that *when* they vote for her they’ll be able to do so with something resembling a clear conscience. Yeah, good luck with that.

If Keith Ellison isn’t going to say anything about Palestine that differs markedly from the AIPAC line (although he *does* propagandize and fundraise for the Syrian “revolutionaries”) what makes anyone think that Warren will?

The people who are engaged in this kind of activism are either willfully, or actually, naive, or they’re deliberately misleading and misinforming their followers. In other words they’re either simpletons who believe in all the fairy tales the system disseminates about itself, or else they know better but they’ve decided to shut off their critical thinking faculties, or they’re practicising dissemblance.

There are certain things that are embedded within the very fabric of this system, and this is one of them. The only politicians or public figures who go public with a different point of view are the ones who are quickly relegated to the fringe nutjob category and are rendered “unelectable.”

It’s not about saying the right things to sway public opinion a by a few percentage points. This system has a “logic” all its own and imperialism and zionism are embedded deep in its very makeup. Holding any of these people’s “feet to the fire” is fantasy and delusion on a grand scale. You won’t succeed in appealing to the better angels of these soulless creatures.

The system goes, *they* go, zionism and imperialism goes.”



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