Robert Stark interviews Matt Forney on Millennials

Robert Stark interviews Matt Forney on Millennials

















Topics include:

Matt’s Takimag article Twit Planet about the Millennial generation, social media addiction, and sexual dysfunction

Roosh’s new book Poosy Paradise

How  Millennials are the least adventurous generation in recent history due to helicopter parenting and their economic situation

How the Millennial’s asset is that they have no memory of a functional society

How younger Millennials born in the 90′s have no memory of a world without social media

The Fourth Turning Theory on generations

Matt’s thoughts on the riots in Ferguson, Missouri

How the left and the right are equally intellectually bankrupt

The class war between the white Brahmins and white Vaishiyas

Matt’s thought on Living in the Philippines

How the Philippines is a much freer and socially open society than America

Matt’s observations on dating  in the Philippines

Matt’s review of Some Thoughts on Hitler and Other Essays by Irmin Vinson

How politically correct taboos are declining

Andy Nowicki’s video LET’S TALK ABOUT JEWS! about his rejection of obsessive anti-Semitism

Matt’s review of the film Are All Men Pedophiles?

America’s totalitarian laws about sex

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