ATS Makes the Subversive All-Star Team

Read for yourself.

In addition to NATA-NY, another “bridging” group between White Nationalists and libertarians is Attack the System (ATS). It is the brainchild of Keith Preston, who decades ago was involved in left-wing anarchist groups. Now he advocates “pan-secessionism,” which hopes to create a Left-Right alliance of paleoconservatives, theocrats, racial separatists of all stripes, and Leftists, united against the increasingly globalized, centralized, liberal “system.” Two ATS associate editors, R.J. Jacob and Miles Joyner, made the video “Power to the Neighborhoods (A Message to ‘Occupy Wall Street’),” specifically to court Occupiers. It says, “The diversity of the protest shows the irrelevant and archaic nature of the conventional Left-slash-Right model of the political spectrum. Those who have descended on Wall Street include liberals and conservatives, patriots and populists, libertarians and anarchists.” As is standard for attempts of the Right to woo the Left, they offer a Leftist critique of contemporary problems, and then offer a right-wing solution: complete control by local groups. Preston spells out what this really means when he expresses his hostility towards identity politics and says that he looks for alliances with “racialists and theocrats.”30

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  1. Imagine what could be done if all these groups combined there numbers instead of arguing with each other? If this Sunshine kid is against it, he must be a fascist.

  2. Imagine what could be done if the radical right had enough of an IQ to lose the nazi retards….It’s easy if you try….

  3. Nazi’s lived in Germany during WW2, everyone ells are called Nazis by who ever don’t like them. Any meaningful revolution would be, as a revolution, populated by idiots. You could have clever leadership, a clearly communicated message and you would still have millions of stupid followers with all kinds of silly ideas you don’t agree with. Exclude all but the purest of hart and you have an army of five keyboard warriors and you would never have any meaningful political movement. The radical right have the exact same problem as the radical left, to many retards. All I am trying to say is lets put our retards together.

      • Lol, but you know how many flat-out ignorant people vote for mainstream political parties, millions upon millions. So then there is the far-right and the far-left screaming the same words “when are our people going to wake up” and forever disappointed they are. Tribal/ethnic-consciousness; class-consciousness; racial-consciousness and even religious-consciousness. In a voluntary society it would not matter where each finds a home. If the far-right and left, rightly or wrongly are deprived of this liberty they should unite against the state. I think it is doable only if we except that there always was and always will be millions of retards with wacky believe systems that differ from our own. So yea, Retards Unite!

  4. I find it these Witchfinder Generals of the Left genuinely comical. The idea that there exist groups of secret Nazis plotting to seduce the Left into crypto-fascist alliances is funny on a number of levels. Principally in that the whole concept relies on a massively distorted estimation of the desirability of such an alliance for the radical right. It’s like those fucked up people who interpret common civility as a covert sexual advance, actually its more like that sub set of those fucked up people who are physically repulsive into the bargain.

    It’s not like the radical Left is popular, it’s not like subverting them would enlist millions of voters or even thousands of effective activists, it’s not like the PR of the radical right would be improved by the Black Bloc. It’s not even like there might be some intellectual credibility to be had. However depressingly militantly ignorant the radical right may be, however sickening elements of it undoubtedly are, however hopeless their cause is at least they actually have a significant support base in the general population. Yeah they are losers, but they are a better class of losers than the conventional far left could ever realistically hope to be.

    This isn’t an attempt to woo the radical Left or the radical Right, this is a rescue operation aimed at liberating those imprisoned within the mental gaols of both traditions who might want to actually achieve something useful for their societies.

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