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  1. This comes across as a loser’s revenge fantasy; but it along with it’s companion piece probably accomplished two things: 1.) Lots of clicks 2.) Helped stir up the ongoing internet battle between mainstream feminism and marginalized, largely powerless losers.

      • Couple of things that are inter related. One is that this sort of thing is a part of a bigger debate among younger people grappling with feminism, gender roles (and the disappearance there of), and dating in the modern era. The second thing is traffic! Frustrated young readers ought to be our target audience.

        With respect to the subject matter at hand, I think these sorts of guys are dealing with failure on multiple levels: failure at living up to the “alpha male” sexual ideal, and failure at finding any sort of community or outlet for expressing their male identity and finding honor. When this sort of thing happens among lower classes they end up forming gangs and find their own way to express their masculinity and find honor. When it happens among the left-outs of the middle class they write angry blog entries like this. Hopefully we can move them toward forming gangs, instead.

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