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Keith Preston: Commie-Fascist?

“Left-libertarian” Craig Bolton on Keith Preston; February 17, 2014

“In short, this is a very peculiar view you have. It would appear to be probigot White Guy Leftism. It certainly not plain vanilla antistatism, since that is my view, and while I recognize a couple of the slogans, they seem to be embedded in sympathy for the despicable. Perhaps you and Walter Block should talk?”

“Right-libertarian” Paul Marks on Keith Preston; February 21, 2014

“As for whether “Keith Preston” is a real person or not. I suspect he properly is some creature found when one lets up an “Occupy” rock and sees the things crawling about underneath.”

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  1. Craig Bolton strikes me as being an intolerant asshole. Bigots are people too. If you don’t like them then give them the right to freedom of association and let them live by themselves without the benefits of Chinese takeout.

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