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McDonald’s To Employees: Just Apply for Food Stamps if We Aren’t Paying You Enough


McDonald’s To Employees: Just Apply for Food Stamps if We Aren’t Paying You Enough (Video)

In the battle for dignity and a living wage there is a new development stirring.  A Chicago McDonalds’ employee, Nancy Salgado, recorded her phone call to something called the McResources hotline. This is a line set up by McDonald’s to help its employees.


Ms. Salgado has been working full-time at McDonald’s for ten years but continues to only make her statewide minimum wage of $8.25 an hour and had questions for the counselor on the other end of the line. The ensuing conversation with the McResources counselor concluded with Nancy being encouraged not only to apply for food stamps, but also to apply for Medicaid.

Once again: she was told that based on her pay she would definitely qualify for SNAP (food stamp) benefits and might also qualify for free medical insurance through Medicaid.

As Nancy put it,

“It was really, really upsetting knowing that McDonald’s knows that they don’t pay us enough, and we have to rely on this.”

Although it is good that McDonald’s provides this help for its employees, it would be a lot more helpful if people like Nancy weren’t kept at minimum wage despite having worked there for so long. Considering how cheap the ingredients are and how much volume in production and sales places like McDonald’s do, an increase in the wages of the employees would result in very little, if any, increase in the cost of the food. And I for one would be willing to pay that little extra if it meant that the people who are making my food can afford to survive on what they’re paid.

A video for the campaign to pay people like Nancy a dignified and living wage has been made using excerpts from her recorded conversation. You can watch the video below.

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