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The Tea Party: Not as Dumb as They Seem?

“Whilst I think the Tea Party folk warrant critique along several lines, I’ve always found the general hatedom against them to be overblown and rooted in caricature. This seems to reinforce my view:

“The shift to the right on the gray columns represents a positive correlation between tea party members and generally higher scientific test scores. The r=0.05 is not a drastically higher score, but the findings are statistically significant to p=.05. In other words, tea party members appear to be slightly, but solidly more scientifically literate than non-tea party members.

In fact, tea party members tend to be more scientifically literate than other self-described conservatives, who have slightly negative scores, overall. These findings should give both liberal and GOP establishment types pause over their caricatures of tea party constituents.” Daniel Acheampong

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  1. The Tea Party has a lot of former aerospace engineers, the Tea Party patriots in San Diego were employed in the military industrial complex until the laid offs or they retired. A liberal historian wrote a book called Suburban Warriors about the heyday of the right in Southern California during the 1960’s. and many of Goldwater supporters were engineers in aerospace which explains why the Tea Party is better at science than other conservative groups that are only interested in abortion, granted the Tea Party has heavily evangelicals in the patriot group.I have a theory that many Tea Party folks in Texas are former Californians since the Texans complain about Kalifornia with a K and a lady in Texas stated that the movement in Texas toward the right is the result of out of staters from the midwest or Southern California moving there starting in the 1970’s. Dick Army was from the Midwest and poured money into the Tea party express..

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