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PIGS Kill 90 Year Old Man in Mistaken Drug Raid

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Robby Soave over at the DailyCaller is reporting that Los Angeles County Police performed a drug raid at the home of  80-year-old Eugene Mallory and his wife Tonya Pate, killing him in bed. He was suspected of being part of an illegal meth ring when officers reported they could smell suspicious chemicals emanating from his residence.

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Deputies are claiming that Mallory pointed a gun at them, giving them cause to shoot him 6 times. His wife disputes that claim, “He would never point a gun at officers,” she said. “He was taken from me for no reason.” She also said that he had bad eyesight and couldn’t see without his glasses.

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Pate is suing the police department for $50 million. The coroner also is reportedly named for cremating Mallory’s body before an independent investigation could be performed. Police are justifying the raid due to the fact they found a small amount of marijuana in Mallory’s son’s room.

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