Fourth Generation Warfare

Anonymous releases thousands of alleged records of Israeli officials

AFP Photo/Mohhamed Al-Shaikh

AFP Photo/Mohhamed Al-Shaikh

Anonymous has struck again in its ongoing campaign against Israeli forces, this time by releasing thousands of names, ID numbers, email addresses and geographic data allegedly corresponding to Israeli politicians, IDF officers and even Mossad agents.

Dubbed “#OpIsrael” on Twitter, various collectives of the amorphous Anonymous community are targeting official Israeli web domains, evidently causing intermittent disruption to the official website of spy agency Mossad via a self-described “sophisticated DDoS” attack.

The data was released by a hacker team going by the name of “The Red Hack,” a Turkish group, while the direct denial-of-service attack targeted at Mossad was attributed to another group operating under the moniker “Sektor 404.”

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  1. Will the same hackers be willing to join hamas terrorist group (which they are supporting by doing this) and self detonate at the border with self strapped explosives when requested to do so?

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