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Bloomberg’s Childproof World

By Matt Parrot

Most of America’s founding ideology is bunk, and America’s founding culture is pretty much rotten to the core. But beneath all that flowery Masonic nonsense about “happiness” and against “tyrants” scribbled by a bunch of wealthy merchants who didn’t want to pay taxes was the wonderful and revolutionary notion, most directly inscribed in the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights, namely the notion of individual sovereignty. Implicit in the idea that every man and woman should be allowed to own firearms with which to rise up against the government itself is the revolutionary notion that we Americans are responsible adults who should be respected and treated as such.

While the Rube Goldberg contraption of checks and balances put in place by the United States Constitution has been irreversibly corrupted and subverted, the First and Second Amendments to the bill of rights amounts to a final check and balance. No matter what, they can’t shut us up, and if a critical mass of us are displeased enough, we can overthrow the whole thing. The degenerate Enlightenment ideologies of radical individualism and mass democracy have been shown to be a farce, but free will and human dignity are compatible with Tradition. Free speech and citizen militias can be powerful weapons in the service of Tradition and against the global oligarchs.

No single man quintessentially typifies the global oligarchs better than New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg. This Jewish globalist mega-billionaire financier seeks to control every last facet of our economy, of our culture, and of our private lives. He’s escorted by an armed entourage, but expects his subjects to be entirely disarmed and defenseless. He eats and drinks what he wants to, but has a special program in place to ensure that you can only eat and drink what he prescribes. He says what he wants to, glibly sexually harassing his own employees, while vigorously ensuring that your speech and social behavior is strictly regulated.

Mayor Bloomberg with his RabbiMayor Bloomberg with his RabbiWhether it’s his support of the Patriot Act, his support for amnesty for illegal immigrants, his support for yet more warfare, or his support for Israel, Bloomberg’s guaranteed to come down against the traditional White American people on every last issue.

We were once dismissed as paranoid and delusional for insisting that Jewish financiers who control the economy, support mass immigration, and are hellbent on subjugating, controlling, and replacing us. Now, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Sheldon Adelson, and Michael Bloomberg not only have the chutzpah to rule over us in broad daylight, but the chutzpah to continue calling us paranoid and delusional while they’re doing so!

Mayor Bloomberg’s latest initiative, that of sharply limiting access to analgesics for those in the hospital who are in pain, is particularly outrageous to me because I’ve spent numerous sleepless nights beside loved ones in the hospital who are in excruciating pain. This is perfectly aligned with his maternalistic childproof vision of a world where people can’t harm themselves with guns, cigarettes, soft drinks, or prescription pills. In his world, everybody except for he and his cronies are utterly infantilized, degraded, and managed in every intimate aspect of their private lives.

According to Bloomberg, “So you didn’t get enough painkillers and you did have to suffer a little bit. The other side of the coin is people are dying and there’s nothing perfect.”

Actually, there is a perfect solution: the physician and patient work together to arrive at an optimal plan for treatment.

And the people he’s referring to who are dying are drug addicts who abuse prescription pills. While I sympathize with those who are struggling with drug addiction, nothing they’re willfully doing to themselves could negate the right of those who aren’t drug addicts to get the care that they need. This line of thinking is the nanny state brought to its absurd extreme conclusion: Somebody is liable to hurt himself if we allow it, so the rest of you must suffer . . . literally. Whether it’s guns, knives, motorcycles, pills, or even food, your overlords will consult with the experts and make the decision for you.

Fortunately, this sort of program is still a coastal and urban phenomenon, with Middle America remaining a bastion of White people who are “clinging to their guns.” They’ve allowed themselves to be humiliated in so many little ways over the past several decades, tolerating and even supporting one insidious expansion of the globalist nanny state after another. For some reason, they have not budged on their insistence on the right to bear arms.

Surprisingly, many of my otherwise liberal friends — friends who support gay marriage, miscegenation, feminism, and mass immigration — stand behind the Second Amendment. I suspect that they make an exception for that for precisely the reason our Founding Fathers did: Our firearms are their final exit strategy in case this government goes too far, the final thing between them and the dystopian future of absolute submission and humiliation, a childproof world in which our global oligarchs are the only adults.

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