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  1. Imagine if someone walked into a crowded shopping mall and started firing off one of those babies. How would gun control advocates even spin that? Heads would explode.

  2. There’s a little mini-doccumentery that I think it was Current.com put out where they followed a guy into the Khyber Pass and he went into the gun markets that have been there for the past 200 or so years and filmed as uneducated people built AKs, automatic Pistols….little kids on the sides of the roads loading 7.62 rounds by hand. Quite amazing really but the fact is that it’s a scene you’ll see just about anywhere you go in the third world.

    Men in America are currently developing technology to use 3D printers to make guns. Say what you want about the majority but there’s some creative individuals with the right mindset left out there…if oppressed third world peasants can make functional weapons from scrap metal and maybe not even basic hand tools imagine what an oppressed first world peasant could build with the contents of the average suburban garage…let alone easy access to proper stock metal and basic tools like lathes and CNC Machines that just about any machine shop in the nation would have.

  3. Guns in the hands of people that lack the will to use them are quite useless. I don’t think the tyranny in Washington has much to worry about. The myth of the Great Uhmerikwan patriot movement is just that – a myth.

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