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$PLC Attacks Anarcho-Capitalists

In recent times, the SPLC has moved past attacking organized white supremacist or violent right-wing extremist groups and has begun targeting un-PC groups of virtually any kind including those with “un-leftist” views on abortion, gay rights, immigration, guns, and, apparently, economics. I have long predicted this. Look for this trend to continue among the official “watchdog” organizations. Their goal is a totalitarian leftist state where no dissent of any kind, on any issue, is permitted.

Read the SPLC article here.

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  1. I can imagine these groups moving past political groups and into the world of artists, entertainers, musicians, and celebrities who fail to “uphold human rights in culture” or something like that. Imagine the SPLC putting out an article about how 50 cent’s violence and anti-gayness is empowering white racists or somethin

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