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NRA bombarded on Facebook and Twitter after Conn. shooting
Kevin Collier

For the overwhelming majority of Americans, there’s nothing to do in response to the horrific news of a gunman who killed 18 children in a Connecticut elementary school.

So, in what’s becoming an emerging trend in response to news of mass shootings, many gun control advocates are directing their horror at the National Rifle Association online.

As of press time, the NRA, the most visible pro-gun lobby in the U.S., hasn’t addressed this shooting on its social media sites. Its most recent announcement on both Facebook and Twitter is from early Friday morning, before news of the shootings broke: A contest to give away an unspecified “auto emergency tool.”

Facebook users aghast at the Connecticut shooting flocked to the thread. “More blood on NRA today,” wrote Mike Wagner.

“20 people are dead and most are children. When will you start to say it’s not the guns but the man?” asked Jim Hanley. We need stronger laws in this country regarding gun control.”

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