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    • Yes, I agree… I think… what the hell is Pax Americana, exactly? Anyway, I believe in, and fully support, the concept of smaller communities bonding to govern themselves through an organic commonality–it’s human, and its American in what I view as American in the purest sense–but power isn’t simply given up by those who build upon its auspices to guard, and nor is our federal government in its current configuration a thing which we the people could truly hope to fight against, even if we were united in this endeavor, which we are not. Our states are no longer autonomous independencies joined in commonly held allegiance by the free will of their people; they are part of a chimera: the facade of segregate bodies sewn together as a monstrous whole through their twisting mesh of underlying root structures. Do you honestly believe that any one of them could be allowed to break away? It would never be allowed; the powers that be and the people themselves would rise to quell such rebellion through any nefarious means. The way to defeat a chimera is to strike at the head, and only then does the body fall apart. Perhaps I am wrong, but I view that for as long as The Federal Government remains intact it must retain its hold on every portion of its sovereignty, and will do this by the countless symbiotic–if parasitic–structures firmly implanted. In short, it is our life’s blood, and until it has died, and we along with it, it shall remain intact. Segregation may indeed come, not by blood or petition, but after the body is broken and when we the people are left to rebuild. Just as likely, however, the concerted effort will be to simply sew the chimera back together.

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