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Making a Vibrator That Listens to Your Body

This project has been an astonishing little journey. Many of my previous projects were characterized by an amazing outpouring of effort to build something highly intricate and ultimately invisible.

This is the opposite kind of project. A little bit of work and a little custom design to create something new and exciting that I can immediately use in my everyday life. It also happens to be a sex toy.

In other words, I wanted to hack something I actually use: my vagina.

The Inspiration

I love feedback loops. Servo motors, thermostats, op-amps, DC-DC converters, social networks, flocking behavior. Our bodies. Massages, cuddling, sex– these are all ways of bringing a partner into your body’s most fun closed-loop systems.

To me, a good sex toy helps form feedback loops. It doesn’t get in the way. A good toy gives you simple ways of exchanging signals with a partner or with your own body. It acts as a conduit. A good sex toy is analog.

I was in the market for a remote-controlled vibrator recently, and I ended up with LELO’s Lyla vibe:

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  1. Not sure what this article is doing on a political site, but what Beth did is an impressive example of “Maker” technique and harder than it looks. Look forward to seeing what she does with this in the future. And anyone with the requisite skills can duplicate it, or use it as a starting point.

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