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More “Anarchist” Phantom-Chasing

This stuff is an embarrassment to anarchists.

With the rise of the Golden Dawn fascist group in Greece, and their attempts to build a base here in the U.S. (link) , anti-fascist strategies are becoming more and more crucial. 

I guess this is the Left’s version of the hysteria over the mosque at Ground Zero.

Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if the police continue to “out- source” political repression to private groups (fascists, gangs, white supremacist populists, private security forces, etc.) as budget crises deepen.
Interesting how they think cops and neo-nazis are somehow on the same side of the fence. I guess it would upset their worldview to recognize that “fascists” are actually an outgroup.

This weekend, after anti-colonial marchers were arrested,  San Francisco papers  published their photos  and  someone put up posters calling for violence against Bay Area anarchists.  All of this could be part of a trend in this direction, and this blog post is an attempt to prompt a discussion about how to deal with these forms of repression and violence.

I’m not suggesting the posters themselves are a secret plot by the state, and I am not suggesting that they are produced by fascists or by gangs.  It seems they represent some sort of political beef emerging out of Occupy Oakland that is related to racial and class divisions within Oakland and within Occupy Oakland. 

In other words, the cracks in the PC coalition are showing.

I also want to highlight that this is not an anarchist vs. Marxist issue.  At least in Seattle,  both anarchists and Marixsts do community base buidling, and both intervened aggressively in the Decolonize/ Occupy movement, alongside lots of people who don’t identify with either philosophy.

Have anarchists learned nothing regarding the Marxists in the last 150 years?

As anti-authoritarians, we tend to focus on the state apparatus as the biggest oppressor, partly to compensate for the statism of past communist movements.  We do need to oppose the state.  However, we need to recognize that state forms change over time, prompted by contradictions within the capitalist economy and clashes of class forces,

That’s almost insightful.

It goes downhill from there.

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  1. The more you link that article with the mug shots, the more searches of those people’s names come up with pictures of their mug shots. Which would be really inconvenient if they were looking for a job or housing or not wanting those pictures to get further attention.

  2. “Sometimes it’s unclear whether he’s [John Robb] cheering on these protests or calling for open source warfare against them in order to defeat them. In either case, this is some bizarre and brilliant ruling class strategizing that we need to pay attention to so we don’t get caught off guard by followers of Robb who want to co-opt and/or kill us.”


    If the followers of John Robb managed to co-opt OWS maybe it wouldn’t be dead and would’ve turned into something useful.

    Here’s a video of the OWS tech team that was in charge of most of the livestreaming and chat communications talking about “open source, permaculture, free technology, copyright and IP, the Freedom Towers and news aggregators.” They also talk about homemade drones and how they were actually in contact with John Robb…

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