Visions Of The Future: ‘DR0NE’, A Webseries About Autonomous Humanoid Super Soldiers

by David J. Hill

Consider, for a moment, the rising use of drone technology by the military. In light of how years of advances in robotics and artificial intelligence will transform drones, imagine how warfare will look in merely one decade. That’s the subject of a recently released webseries called DR0NE that is both intellectually intriguing and fricking awesome. Episode 1, released on Aug 30, paints a picture of how far technology might evolve in just one decade.

The beginning of the episode sets the stage of the series by showing the struggle of a drone identified only as “237″ on the run:

“By the early 21st century, the nature of warfare had changed. Unmanned drones patrolled the skies about the battleground. In the year 2023, humanoid drones were deployed to the front lines — a new breed of solider; stronger and faster than their human counterparts. Autonomous by design, they operate by a code — a code of war.”

Sound intriguing? Then you’re in for a treat: set aside the next 6 minutes to watch Episode 1 of DR0NE right now!

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