Laissez faire!

From the Facebook scribings of one Colin Patrick Barth. Be sure to check out his website,, and his blog, Wisdom Dancer, too!

Has the formulation “I want _____” with the implication “give it to me, people in power” obtained the desired results—ever—without unintended consequences for someone else—or for everyone, caused by metastasizing the system? It has been rightly said that any power structure considerable enough to give people what they want must be powerful enough to take things away from people. Politics then becomes a tug-of-war over the power of the state that most people are destined to lose even if they are too easily bribed or placated to know it. But there is an alternate demand to make of the state: “Don’t give me what I think I deserve, don’t improve my life, and don’t save me. Let us alone, and stay out of our way. We can handle things ourselves, and achieve more than you can give us.”

Categories: Anarchism/Anti-State

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