Attack the System Is Moving Forward… And We Need Your Help!

By Keith Preston

Dear Readers and Supporters,

I am consistently amazed by what we’ve accomplished at AttacktheSystem.Com since we first went live in January of 2001. Twelve years ago, ATS was an obscure, amateurishly designed site maintained largely by a solitary individual (yours truly). Today, our Alexa rating places us among the top seven percent of all websites with regards to our volume of traffic. The quality, appearance and standards of professionalism of Attack the System have consistently grown over the years. The number of talented writers and original thinkers contributing to ATS continues to grow as well.

Where we are now is only the beginning of where I want us to be. My eventual goal is for ATS to become not only the most expansive and most frequently visited of any anarchist, libertarian, decentralist or anti-state website. Ultimately, I want Attack the System to compete with mainstream or establishment media outlets and become the voice of resistance forces and self-determination movements worldwide. Imagine if anarchists and libertarians possessed a resource comparable to Russia Today or Al-Jazeera!. That’s what I want Attack the System to eventually become! Our unique philosophy of pan-anarchism and our unique strategic outlook of pan-secessionism places us in a position to do just that.

Among the intermediate goals I have for ATS are:

-the inclusion of the largest collection of anarchist, libertarian or resistance-oriented links of any anti-government site

-the largest online anarchist and libertarian library

-daily news updates (posted multiple times daily) dealing with contemporary newsworthy events and drawing from an equitable balance of left/right and center/fringe sources

-an in-house editorial staff that writes editorials on contemporary issues reflecting the ARV/ATS philosophy

-our own in-house radio and video channels producing our own videos and podcasts

-an array of affiliate sites reflecting various regional, demographic or single issue interests

-sections for the website that discuss the history of anarchist movements or are oriented towards different subcultures, populations, or political interest groups that we want to attract

-a donor-funded think tank affiliated with ATS

-merchandise (T-shirts, stickers, posters, etc)

-greater use of social media, e.g. Twitter, Facebook, etc.

-biographies of historic anarchists and libertarians

-more international coverage, including a “Crimes of the State” page detailing the state’s misdeeds around the world (e.g. massacres, torture, imprisoning dissidents, religious persecution, ethnic cleansing, death sentences for petty drug offenses, etc.)

I also want to bring Attack the System closer to movements struggling for sovereignty and independence throughout the world.

Obviously, we have our work cut out for us.

The achievement of the goals stated above and more requires time, resources, and personnel. The more sophisticated we become the more assistance from our readers and supporters we will need. As a start, Attack the System will eventually need to hire a full time copy editor and a full time technical specialist. We will need an increasingly larger number of volunteers to assist with our workload. For instance, writing original articles and editorials, updating newsfeeds, or establishing and maintaining ATS-related blogs or affiliated sites related to ATS concerns (of which there are many!).

We will also need an ever growing donor base and network of financial supporters to assist with the costs that will inevitably be incurred as Attack the System becomes an ever more professional, sophisticated and politically prominent endeavor.

To make Attack the System as successful as it needs to be, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

If you wish to help ATS achieve its goals by volunteering your efforts as a writer, editor, operator of an affiliate blog or site, or technical assistant, please contact us and let us know where you can be of help.

If you are capable of doing so, please pledge to donate $25, $50, $75, or $100 (or more!) per month to help us recoup our operations costs. All donations may be made via Paypal through the Donate link on our homepage.

The long term growth and success of ATS requires the development of an ever more cooperative partnership between our editors, managers, writers, readers, and supporters. Please support our efforts by becoming a member of our team in whatever way you feel you can make the best contribution.

Your ongoing support is appreciated more than I can say.

Regards, Keith Preston

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  1. I’m a bit of a throw-back when it comes to contemporary methods of donations. If yea had snail mail i would drop yea a $50 when circumstances permit… Hint. Hint.

    Love your site!

  2. I’d like to contribute. I think ATS could use some book or film reviews, and I think I’m uniquely suited to do this. I could do some editing, too. I’m actually surprised there’s no twitter account already.

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