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A Note About the “Attack the System” Radio Program on Voice of Reason

Apparently, the network is experiencing some technical problems and I am currently unable to record additional programs until further notice. I have already recorded several programs that will be posted in the future including shows on Hezbollah, the U.S.-Israel relationship, dissenting views in the scientific and medical community on HIV/AIDS, and Southern Nationalism. I will notify readers when I am able to begin recording the program again. My apologies to listeners who were counting on a steady dose of “Attack the System” on Thursday nights.  Thanks for listening.

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  1. Just FYI I’m pretty sure there’s the capacity for you to upload those audio files to WordPress and make a podcast out of it — should this be some kind of long term outage or something.

  2. I’m sorry to hear this. Been wondering what is up with VOR. I check it daily and they haven’t updated it in a few weeks. Jeremy’s suggestion is a good one.

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