GC 33: Breaking the Golden Circle

From Southern Nationalist Network

Today, on the Golden Circle podcast, we take a look at Hunter Wallace’s recent review of Andrew Jackson O’Shaughnessy’s book An Empire Divided: The American Revolution and the British Caribbean. The book argues the same point we have made many times on this site – that Dixie was the northernmost reaches of a Caribbean civilisation. That civilisation was split in half in 1776 when 13 of the British colonies seceded from the Empire and 13 remained loyal to the Crown. O’Shaughnessy explains the reasons (economic, demographic, military, etc) why the British West Indies didn’t secede along with the mainland colonies, which would possibly have led to either a Southern-dominated US or to a Southern-Caribbean Union and a New England Union. Wallace points out the long-term effect of this split of the Caribbean civilisation, the disaster it eventually brought on both the South and the Caribbean and how this paved the way for the North’s rise to dominance.

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