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4-year-old’s chalk art gets mom 50 hours of community service

From MSN

Video still of Susan Mortensen outside of court in Richmond, Virginia, charged with vandalism for allowing her daughter to draw with chalk on rocks on Belle Isle (©NBC12, http://aka.ms/SusanMortensen)

A 4-year-old’s drawing of a “door to a magic land” earned a Richmond, Virginia mom a $325 fine, a ban from all city parks and a whopping 50 hours of community service. Susan Mortensen was ticketed in March for allowing her daughter to draw with chalk on the rocks at Belle Isle, a granite-studded park in the James River. According to Officer Stacy Rogers, the girl was “destroying” property and Mortensen was at fault for allowing her to do it. Yesterday, a judge agreed with the officer, charging Mortensen with vandalism and ordering her to spend 50 hours of her free time painting boundary posts for the park service. It’s a good thing her daughter didn’t have any spray-paint. [Source]

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  1. This is the kind of local tyranny and insanity that makes the self-proclaimed title of ‘land of the free’ so laughable. It’s not just that the US operates a global empire and daily kills scores of people around the planet, the system here at home destroys freedom and makes life a little less pleasant all the time.

    Another quick point – this empire seems to operate in a very feminine manner. Its wars and foreign occupations are always called ‘humanitarian missions.’ Its laws are designed to ‘protect’ you from yourself. It wants to tell you what you can and can’t say, eat, drink, etc. The phrase ‘nanny state’ is not strong enough, in my view. The USA is like an evil step-mother witch.

  2. Man, the city of Richmond must be really greedy or hard up for a dollar nowadays. Am I glad that I do not live there any more! Maybe the place needs to be turned into a prisoner holding island as it was during the civil war and extremist law enforcement officers and court officials forced to learn to use some common sense in doing their jobs. Unbelievable!

  3. Ishmael: I like Richmond, and I don’t think they’re doing anything here that you wouldn’t expect any other petty bureaucrat to do. The issue for me is: are my neighbors (this took place w/in 5 minutes of my house) standing up to it or not? Sad to say my unscientific sampling has yielded unpromising results (see for yourself).

  4. How can chalk “destroy” rock? The first rain will wash it off. We are becoming more of a fascist state every day. It is an upsidedown country; what is evil is good, what is good is evil. Common sense does not seem to apply to a great deal of cases these days. We need to clean off some judicial benches and seat some people there with good old fashioned “horse sense”.

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