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TSA agent spills grandfather’s ashes in confrontation with passenger

David Ferguson

A TSA worker at an airport in Florida violated the agency’s policy when she opened a container containing the ashes of a passenger’s grandfather and spilled them on the terminal floor, according to Indianapolis, Indiana’s ABC affiliate station, WRTV Channel 6.

John Gross of Indianapolis was visiting relatives in Florida when an uncle, acting on the wishes of the family, gave Gross a portion of his grandfather’s ashes. Mario Mark Marcaletti came to the United States as an immigrant from Sicily and passed away in 2002 at the age of 91. Gross was presented with the ashes in a tightly sealed jar, marked “human remains,” which he assumed would warrant enough respect that he would be able to board his flight home unmolested.

He was wrong.

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  1. Down with the TSA….they were made by Dick and George….who passed the patriot act without congressional approval. They use fear mongering to push the sheep into surrendering their rights.

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