‘With leaders in jail, Red squads led by teenagers now’ Reply

10-15 red squads commanded by teenagers.

And they say anarchists are scary.


Sanjay Ojha

RANCHI: With the arrest of a large number of senior CPI(Maoist) leaders, including some central committee members, the rebel organization have handed over commands of squad and areas to teenagers. A number of the new squad leaders and area commanders are in late teens or in the 20-21 age group.

IG (ops) SN Pradhan said security agencies operating in the state had definite information that there were currently no less than 10-15 such Maoist squads commanded by teenagers. “The vacuum has been created following continuous operations by security forces in the state and arrest of top rebel leaders from squad leaders to central committee members,” said Pradhan. Some of the top Maoist leaders who are currently in jails include Pramod Mishra, Rama Krishna, Narayan Sanyal, Akhilesh Yadav, Pramod Kumar and Pradeep.

“Our efforts are to further put pressure on the Maoists and make them leaderless so that they are not left with people who can allure children, especially girls, to their fold. In the last few years the Maoists have been recruiting teenagers and our effort will be to arrest those people who are behind the recruitment drive. We expect that in the near future the rebels will not be able to allure children to their fold,” said an optimistic Pradhan.

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