Men and Women

Manning Down: The Mote in the Manosphere’s Eye

By Andy Nowicki

Ferdinand Bardamu, master of ceremonies at the seminal mansophere blog In Mala Fide, has opted to take his website to the cyber-scrapheap while he heads for some ill-defined greener pastures. I don’t know Ferd personally, though he has been kind enough to link to many of my articles, and I will always adore the implacably profane honesty of the opening sentence of his review of The Columbine Pilgrim (“Holy fuck, this is one messed-up book.”); thus, I wish him well.

Ferd and I recently engaged in a vigorous exchange of ideas on the subject of embracing one’s “beta”-hood vs. striving to be “alpha”; though Ferd’s side of the debate isn’t curently available, you can see my two articles, “In Defense of Squares” and “Reply to Bardamu” ( Though we differed radically in our perspectives, it was an amicable debate. It has been eye-opening for me to discover and explore the online “manosphere” lately, as its adherents are one segment of the uneasy coalition of malcontents with modernity that make up the Alternative Right.

As with any social movement, be it mainstream or fringe, large or tiny, the manosphere appears to be riddled with factions, which regard one another with suspicion and sometimes outright antipathy. Indeed, these factions often seem to train their firepower with more gusto upon one another than they do upon the common enemy of radical feminism. The chest-thumping “pick up artist” types promote “game,” and appear to take the view that “he who scores the most wins,” much like Tom Cruise’s character T.J. Mackey in “Magnolia.” The less hedonistic and more earnest “men’s right movement” types, on the other hand, seem fixated on addressing the egregious anti-male bias of the courts, the media, and society at large. The former faction sees the latter as whining, feminized losers, while the latter regards the former as shallow, preening phonies.

Among both factions, the dislike of the misandric abuses of contemporary feminism often shades not so subtly into an anger and contempt for women in general, to the point where they almost read as a strident and one-sided “feminism in reverse,” wherein men are always right and women are always wrong, rather than vice-versa. That said, it is certainly true that feminism– like every other left-wing identity movement today– is the ascendant ideology of our age, so a degree of overcorrection on the part of defiant masculinists can be forgiven to some extent; such as these are, after all, the Rebel Alliance, a ragtag bunch of despised misfits attacking the stronghold of the ruthless Galactic Empire-like dominant paradigm, whose agents in turn seeks to wipe out dissent as surely as Grand Moff Tarkin destroyed Princess Leia’s home world with the Empire’s massive and deadly laser turret on the Death Star.

Now my very use of the “Star Wars” metaphor above would render me a “beta”-like geek among the manosphere’s “game” followers, and being a “geek” is greatly to be shunned among “alpha”-chasing pick-up-artist types, since chicks don’t dig nerds, and discussing Star Wars arcana is no way to show that you’re the dominant kind of he-man who calls the shots and won’t get pushed around or manipulated or “friend-zoned” by any potential lay. In my two essays at Counter-Currents, which led to my friendly-fire exchange with Bardamu, I explained why I found such compulsive fastidiousness in playing the “badass” in fact rather un-manly, since a real man is comfortable being true to his native inclinations, even if they are “nerdy.”

Now allow me to take this argument a step further. There is, I think, something essentially degradedabout a mindset which takes it as self-evident that sex in itself is a thing to be prized and sought after and salivated over, simply because cultural forces scream to us that indulging our appetite is some kind of biological imperative. It is, of course, no revelation to admit that the male libido is a potent, often growlingly insistent force, but this does not mean that it must be placated, or that it defines who we are as men.

In fact, is there not something appalling in the prospect of being led by the nose to do the bidding of our loins? Think of how easy it is for this drive to be harnassed and manipulated by those who, for one reason or another, seek control over us! I am in fact astounded that fewer manosphere-scribes and readers haven’t wised up to this stark principle, stated at blogger The Blanque’s site


Do you want to undermine the matriarchy? Then stop fucking.

Seriously. What is it that drives the matriarchal control of men today? What is it that the matriarchy manipulates to achieve their goals?

The answer is obvious: it’s the sex drive of men.

If you want to take power back, stop doing what the enemy wants you to do: Stop hooking up, stopgoing to bars and clubs, stop behaving like there is nothing more to being a man than dipping your wick. Stop fucking.

Watch how quickly the feminists panic when they have nothing to hold over you anymore: “Do as we say, or you’ll never get laid again!”

Answer them: “Fine– I’ll never get laid again.” Watch what happens.


The Blanque’s counsel is perhaps a bit extreme. Not every display of titillation is necessarily an act of female manipulation aiming at emascuation and control. Still, it follows that if more men had the self-control and the discipline to say “no ma’am” to sex more often, some of the more repugnant elements of contemporary misandric feminism would be significantly eroded. Could this be yet another reason why the principalities and powers of our age are so hell-bent on sexualizing everything and everyone?

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  1. This post is so awesome! I can’t believe no one has commented on it yet.

    I wouldn’t recommend all men going on a sex strike, but it might be a good idea to a certain extent. As I’ve said about my brother who has bad taste in women and always gets the ones who are mentally ill or on drugs, he’d be better off staying away from women for a while until he figures out why he keeps picking the broken ones who are going to treat him like crap. Men really can do without women, at least temporarily. Isn’t that why god gave men hands?

    A short-term, more widespread sex strike would make a powerful point, but you’d never get enough men to go along with it.

  2. “If you want to take power back, stop doing what the enemy wants you to do:”

    The fact that men think women are the enemy is absolutely silly and sad. These kind of thoughts will continue this ridiculous circle of distrust and hate. That being said, I’m fine with it. I’ll just keep doing what I do and enjoy my life =)

    • there always was distrust between man and woman, and hate too. it is not silly to be aware that women control you entirely inside this society. i see your point, and we should not writhe about in woman hating. but the bottom line is that women are for some idiotic reason in control, or rather we are not allowed to be control and that is a problem demographically, and if we do not observe and address these issues then we are not serious.

    • “Enjoying life” is the culprit. Hedonism is vulgar. It wrecks whole civilisations. “Casanovas” and whores — no matter if professional or “just for fun” — are anti-civilisational and should be hanged in public.

      After all, my useless father satisfied his wicked lust and thereby flung me into this hellhole (with my many hereditary illnesses), this penal colony the world is. Born out of wedlock, a double sin! Psalm 51:7.

      Deep thinkers always knew that sex is wicked; Otto Weininger even shot himself.

      • Bah, I prefer hedonists to guys like Peterson who woun’t shut up about how important it is to men have girlfriends and then being another gear in the system. The former at least leave me alone, the later is always trying to shame me for not being enought of a gear.

      • “Deep thinkers always knew that sex is wicked;” -> This should include guys who have sex with his wife/girlfriend. I am tired of christian morons who keep telling me how morally superior a traditional married man is when they did as much for me as the chads and casanovas (and I hate more normie morons who think chads are more of a men when I honestly belive if all chads die the world would be a better place, they never do anything usefull. Hell, if I had to say there is a reason to dislike incels is because they want sex). If you father had porn and condoms, maybe your father woudn’t put you in the world, and I agree with you that that would be a good thing. So don’t blame hedonists (at least not only, and certanly not the responsible ones who use condoms). Blame crazy christians who keep talking about how porn is ‘addictive’ and it is stoping men of having families.

  3. Haha. This was really hyperbolic and agressive, but leaving in consideration that I live in a world where I am always being called a “mgtow and incel” by people both in the left and in the right (the later sometimes trying to convince me that having a girlfriend, any girlfriend, not a girl I like or something, is what I should be doing with my life), I understand the feelings behind this text. 😛 “If you are not a succes/sex object to women you are a loser.”

        • “[An] aspect of sexual behavior that defined a man’s masculinity [in ancient Rome] was how much sex he had. Oddly, the right amount was not what we would expect; it was not very much… A large sexual appetite, wheter directed at men or women or both, was considered effeminate [because] it tokened a lack of self-control, an inability to dominate oneself… [Emperor] Claudius enjoys sex too much, becomes overly fond of his partners, and so gives them control over him.” – Professor Nigel Nicholson, Reed College, circa 1999. Class notes: Gender boundaries in Ancient Rome

  4. “If you want to take power back, stop doing what the enemy wants you to do: Stop hooking up, stopgoing to bars and clubs, stop behaving like there is nothing more to being a man than dipping your wick.” -> I would add “Stop trying to rave families/wifes.” Antinatalism is the answer!

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