Mediterranean axis of anarchism blamed for Italy terror attacks
Andrea Vogt

Police probe six to ten Greek and Italian anarchists following kneecapping of Genoa nuclear engineer

anarchists in Greece

ROME – A week after an Italian nuclear engineer was kneecapped in a bold terrorist attack in Genoa, investigators are narrowing their focus to a small but violent axis of Mediterranean anarchists.

Police are studying the mobile phone, internet and university activities of six to ten Italian Greek and Italian activists operating as the Informal Anarchist Federation (in Italian, the Federazione Anarchica Informale or FAI), which claimed responsibility for the Genoa attack in a letter sent to an Italian newspaper and deemed credible by authorities.

That letter prompted authorities to widen their investigation over the weekend to include an international network called the Conspiracy Cells of Fire, a loose coalition of anarchists, imprisoned activists and their supporters in Greece, Spain, Serbia, Germany and elsewhere.

Government, business and media leaders have all expressed deep concerns over rising political tensions and a spate of violence in Italy that has called to mind the country’s difficult ‘years of lead’ in the 1970s, which were marked by terrorism and social upheaval.

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