Noam Chomsky chooses Obama over GOPs as 2012 President

Article by Nancy Houser.

I can’t blame Chomsky for favoring Obama over freaks like the Grinch, Sanitarium, or Bachman, but his dismissal of Ron Paul is disappointing. I called him out on that back in 2008, and he and I engaged in some correspondence over the question afterwards.


Noam Chomsky has said, “I’m not a great enthusiast for Obama, as you know, from way back, but at least he’s somewhere in the real world.” He stated that the 2012 candidates are “Off the International Spectrum of Sane Behavior.”

The extended view by Democracy Now‘s Amy Goodman with Noam Chomsky — world-renowned activist, linguist, public intellectual and Professor Emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, author and one of the most influential political analysts of our day and age — represents what American GOP middle-class voters are lamenting, “If only we had another candidate to pick from.”

This is even made more evident in Amy Goodman’s latest article, “Republicans Divided, Citizens United,” saying that “the Republicans are not enthusiastic about any of their candidates.” In her article, Goodman forecasts that the 2012 presidential election promises to be long, contentious, extremely expensive and perhaps more negative than any in history.

Goodman asked Professor Chomsky what he thought the big difference was between President Obama, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. She also asked if he thought there would be a “drastic change in policy if a Republican were to win in 2012 and if it were Perry or Romney?”

As seen in the above video, his reply was, “Politics in this country now is in a state that I think has no analogue in American history and maybe nowhere in the parliamentary system. It’s astonishing.”

One of things he referred to is the fact major Republican candidates deny climate change, except for Michele Bachmann when she was still in the running. “I heard a statement of hers in which she said, ‘Well, yes, maybe it’s happening. It’s God’s punishment for allowing gay marriage,’ or some comment like that. I mean, this — what’s going on there is just off the international spectrum of sane behavior.” He added, “The positions they’re taking [the candidates] are utterly outlandish.”

Chomsky went even further by saying,” I just came back from Europe, where people just can’t believe what they’re seeing here, what people are saying.”

Noam Chomsky feels that one of the most crucial issues for the human species is doing something about environmental catastrophe. However, Romney and Huntsman are the only candidates who support science. The fact they are Mormons causes many to distrust their opinions. Chomsky especially goes after Rick Perry, wondering why he would deny global warming when in August and September, Perry’s home state of Texas was burning up thousands of acres with the highest temperatures on record.

However, as far as the 2012 GOP candidates go, Noam Chomsky goes on record several times in support of Ron Paul, but the Republicans do not want him in office any more than Barrack Obama. Ron Paul is considered uncontrollable and would disrupt Republican ideology. But on Tuesday, January 10, 2011, U.S. Rep. Ron Paul tripled his 2008 vote totals Tuesday, capturing a strong second in the New Hampshire Primary, reported Revolution PAC. What is interesting is that Paul and Romney are the only Republican candidates who have successfully secured positions on the primary ballots of every state, according to a Newswire Press Release, thought to be the only two candidates to win over Barack Obama in the 2012 Presidential Race.

Ron Paul is running for President for 2012

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Ron Paul is running for President for 2012

Ron Paul, an expert on the Constitution, history and politics, tried to explain why the Arabs hate us, in which Paul was horrifically booed by the audience. Chomsky’s response to the Ron Paul video is that nothing that Ron Paul said was untrue, “I think what he said was uncontroversial. You can read it in government documents, find it in polls. Maybe people don’t like to hear it, as I mentioned before, but it goes back to the 1950s … and actually, right after 9/11.” Over all, Noam Chomsky has agreed with Ron Paul on Paul’s foreign policies and other issues.

However, his opinion of President Obama is that he is the only one who makes sense in the real world, as compared to the 2012 GOP candidates. Chomsky’s remarks on the “U.S. Economic Crisis — Joblessness, Excessive Military Spending and Healthcare” video below – are in vivid contrast to that of the Republican party,

“The healthcare system…the huge military spending, the very low taxes for the rich [and corporations]…those are fundamental problems that have to be dealt with if there’s going to be anything like successful economic and social development in the United States.’

“He notes that ‘to worry about a possible problem 30 years from now, which can incidentally be fixed with a little bit of tampering here and there, as was done in 1983, to worry about that just makes absolutely no sense, unless you’re trying to destroy the program’ .”

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