Attack the System: Interview with Craig Fitzgerald

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Craig Fitzgerald

Keith Preston interviews Craig Fitzgerald. Topics include:

  • Craig’s experiences growing up around the patriot and militia movements of the 1990s;
  • His participation in various youth subcultures and how these influenced his political ideas;
  • His involvement with a wide variety of dissident movements from the John Birch Society to Occupy Wall Street;
  • His role as an activist with We Are Change-New York;
  • His journey to Chiapas to spend time among the Zapatista rebels of southern Mexico;
  • His development of an interest in national anarchism and his co-founding of the National-Anarchist Tribal Alliance of New York;
  • The Left’s misinterpretation of national anarchist views on race;
  • Craig’s activities as a homesteader and professional in the field of permaculture.

Craig FitzGerald is a native New Yorker who has been involved in dissident politics since his youth. His analysis is rooted in nationalist, localist and anarchist philosophies and his activism centers around anti-globalization, anti-zionism, and individual and community autonomy and self-sufficiency. He has worked with a varied selection of activist organizations and is an instrumental member of We Are Change NYC. In early 2011, Craig co-founded National Anarchist Tribal Alliance – New York (NATA-NY). He recently moved to the Adirondack Mountains to homestead with fellow NATA-NY members.

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  1. Better fascists please.

    “Racism is a doctrine of, by and for brutes. It is a barnyard or stock-farm version of collectivism, appropriate to a mentality that differentiates between various breeds of animals, but not between animals and men.”

  2. Aster,

    You will no doubt be happy to know that there are now transgendered national anarchists including, I’m told, at least one within the ranks of NATA-NY. 🙂

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