Attack the System: Interview with Andy Nowicki

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Andy Nowicki with rainbow and Under the Nihil

Keith Preston interviews Andy Nowicki. Topics include:

  • Andy’s intellectual migration away from liberalism and the left towards the alternative right;
  • His career as a writer and author of four books including his latest, Under the Nihil;
  • His affinity for Catholic traditionalism and the current crisis of faith in Western civilization;
  • Mormonism as the last bastion of a thriving religious community in Western culture;
  • The importance of the transcendent to human culture and civilization;
  • His recent trip to South Africa, the present condition of the Afrikaaner people, and the hypocrisy of Western liberals who denounced the white-led regimes in South Africa and Rhodesia while ignoring atrocities and oppression sponsored by black-led anti-colonial regimes.

Andy Nowicki is the author of the novels Considering Suicide, The Columbine PilgrimThe Doctor and the Heretic. He is a regular contributor to The Last Ditch, and has published work for New Oxford Review and American Renaissance. He teaches college-level English and lives in Savannah, Georgia, with his wife and two children. He also intermittently contributes to his blog when the spirit moves him to do so.

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  1. I would have loved to hear more in the interview about the importance of the transcendent. This is where I think many libertarians or paleo-conservatives fail to reach or inspire people – by failing to present a transcendent vision. Those like Andy who see the importance of such things could greatly aid our efforts.

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