Poor Little Oppressed White People

Article by Richard Spencer.


Richard makes an interesting observation:

On a Monday, a Multiculturalist might encourage non-Whites to develop racial consciousness (even when such consciousness is completely contrived, such as when Japanese and Indians join hands in “Asian” student associations.) On a Tuesday, the same person might insist that race itself is a social construct, created by British colonialists and that all peoples must unite as “global citizens” in the face of economic injustice.

Such an ideology is, of course, wildly inconsistent and contradictory. But what holds it all together is its implicit enemy — the White middle class, in particular, and the Western Christian tradition, in general. An honest multiculturalist — one who desires a pluralist America that includes White identity — might exist, but I’ve never met one.

So are concepts like anarcho-pluralism and pan-secessionism a form of “honest multiculturalism”? Could neo-tribalism, national anarchism or tribal anarchism likewise be regarded as actual honest multiculturalism? Could even forms of radical leftism that embrace an extreme cultural relativism (clitoridectomy is just another way of doing things) be considered an honest multiculturalism? What about anarcho-capitalism of the kind espoused by Spencer Heath MacCallum?



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