Megadeth's Dave Mustaine Endorses Rick Sanitarium for President

This is what drugs do to your brain, kids.


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Dave Mustaine of Megadeth performs during The Big 4 Festival in Indio, California.
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Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine says he hopes Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is our next president. Mustaine, who once covered the Democratic National Convention for MTV (back in 1992), told Music Radar he wants a Republican president and disagrees with music industry colleagues who say President Obama is doing a good job.

“I don’t think so,” said the veteran headbanger. “Not from what I see.”

He has questions about Mitt Romney’s extreme wealth, he said, and his interest in Newt Gingrich has waned. “He’s just gone back to being that person that everybody said he was – that angry little man,” Mustaine said. “I still like him, but I don’t think I’d vote for him.”

Santorum, who kept his hopes alive last week by winning GOP primaries and caucuses in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado, “has some presidential qualities,” said Mustaine. Though he admitted he was “completely oblivious” about the candidate earlier in the primary season, he was impressed when Santorum left the campaign trail to spend time with his ailing daughter.

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/megadeths-dave-mustaine-endorses-rick-santorum-20120215#ixzz1mYCIxmf0

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  1. Peace sells: Dave ain’t buying.

    Coincidentally, what is it with old school metallers and voting Republican? Alice Cooper, Blackie Lawless, and now…

  2. I wouldn’t call Alice Cooper a metaller, as his roots lay more in 60’s garage rock and proto-punk, but this is a bizarre turn of events. Mustaine has alseo guested on Alex Jones’s show and laid out related conspiratorial views on his recent albums.

  3. That isn’t all ‘Mustaine’ said, he also likened Dr. Ron Paul to insecticide.
    So anyway, I used to go out of my way to see Megadeth every time they came around.

    FU Mustaine!
    You can’t write a song or album like Endgame and then dis Ron Paul.

    You are a TOOL

    You not only lost a hard core fan but made an enemy, no one disses Dr. Ron Paul.

    FU Mustaine.

  4. I swear to GOD. Until Mustaine recants what he said about Dr. Ron Paul, I WILL work the phones, the bars, and everywhere we creep and let them all know about what Dave said. Boycott Mustaine. There is enough bullshit in everyday life, we certainly do not need it in our musical hereos. Or I should say, X musically hereos.

    FU Mustaine, you NWO Tool!

  5. Well I’ve had people I used to like turn the neo-con or looney-Right on me. Johnny Ramone is a good example… Although I hear his politics were always that way, and it’s just as well as I kinda got bored with the Ramones three-chord punk when too many bands copied it note-for-note. But also there’s Billy Zoom of X, although I did talk to him via e-mail and he seemed a pretty nice guy anyways. The whole “Conservative Punk” movement during the Dubya era made many punks pretty angry, myself included. Then there’s Vincent Gallo, but then I don’t think he counts as he’ll say or do anything to rile things up anyways.

    Funny enough, even Joe Jackson (if anybody remembers his hit “Stepping Out”) had put out a rather politically apostate album in 1980 that nobody really remembers or would think he’d hold such views. I just reviewed it after hearing it: http://www.headheritage.co.uk/unsung/review/2222 This Youtube clip from that album gives you an idea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyCjExc72Xw

  6. Keith, that prayer and your mention of ‘Fuck Like A Beast’ reminded me of this ….

    “Speaking about the 25th anniversary of the PMRC in 2010, Lawless stated that he has become a born-again Christian, and that he renounces the W.A.S.P. song that made that organization’s “Filthy Fifteen” list, “Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)”. He told Attention Deficit Delirium that he was born again at age 11, then left the church at age 18 to explore the occult for three years (two years before writing the “Animal” song), but returned to his religious roots recently. Of the controversial “Animal,” he emphatically declared: “I renounce, denounce and pronounce that I will never play that song live again. Actually, I’ve not played it live for several years.””

  7. I can’t imagine why anybody would still see Lawless if he’s not gonna play “Animal”. It’s what made the band, what got them noticed.

  8. “I renounce, denounce and pronounce that I will never play that song live again. Actually, I’ve not played it live for several years.””

    Keywords: “that song”

    The other ones are christian…

  9. Y’know come to think of it, Blackie Lawless, it would stink if he turned party-line Repug, but thinking of that video… I think that he prayed for the young people killed in that senseless massacre in Norway is definitely more noble and brave than whatever that dipshit “Aenon” said on the Death in June Yahoo Group — i.e. praising Anders Behring Breivik and then getting his panties in a bind about the political left and ‘demonic’ Muslims… After seeing the latter I wound up selling all the DIJ records I had and bought a MIDI controller keyboard with the proceeds… If that’s what it comes too, funny enough!

  10. Yeah, but what I’m saying is, regardless of his political beliefs at least he had the balls to pray for those teens who got shot down, even though they were on the Left. I’m not saying I’m Christian (I’m not obviously), but let’s just say what I’ve recently shared on my Facebook page: Beliefs don’t make you a better person, behavior does.

  11. Pamela Manning, the girl who played his bondage sub in their early stage shows, has also reinvented herself as a Christian Republican. Perhaps it has something to do with the band itself?

  12. Chris Holmes! I wonder if he’s still floating drunk on an inner tube, hurling vodka bottles while his mother stares sternly on…..

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